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      Cinephile 14.1 "Audiences and Paratexts" is now available!

      Cinephile 14.1 “Audiences and Paratexts” is now available!

      The 2019-2020 Cinephile team is delighted to announce that our newest issue of Cinephile, “Audiences and Paratexts” is now available online! View or download the…

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      Cinephile 14.1: ll for Papers

      Cinephile 14.1: ll for Papers

      CINEPHILE 14.1?— Audiences and Paratexts Deadline for draft submissions: September 15th, 2019 Following popular applition of Gérard Genette’s literary term “paratexts” to film, paratexts here…

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      Cinephile 13.1: "Low Culture and Mass Media" Is Now Available!

      Cinephile 13.1: “Low Culture and Mass Media” Is Now Available!

      We are very excited to share the latest issue of Cinephile, “Low Culture and Mass Media: Narratives of the Mainstream,” featuring contributions from Scott MacKenzie,…

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